We’re gone from the Zonbu wikipedia entry…

Well this is interesting, someone has removed us from the external links section on the Zonbu Wiki pedia entry.

Given that we’re provided, arguably, the most detailed third party coverage of the product/service, both good and bad, I find that curious.

I continue to be very busy at work with an IPTV deployment, but will be providing an udpate on the Beauty and her experience with the Zonbook soon.

She has used it as her only PC for a few months now and has some good feedback.   Hopefully I will be able to share that this week.

-Mr. Zonbu


7 Responses to We’re gone from the Zonbu wikipedia entry…

  1. SoloSalsa says:

    Oh no! Do you not have permission to restore your link? You most definitely have offered great information, maybe even the /majority/ of all information available online? Okay, so that’s a stretch… But really, Google ranks your blog high for most any query with ‘Zonbu’.

    I do miss your habit of frequent posts, and hope you will resume soon.

  2. ignorati says:

    I don’t know why the link in wikipedia would be removed, but it is true that some of the more important threads here on the Zonbu are the earlier threads. Someone who visited this blog now would need to explore some to find them. If there is some way to highlight those, or to point new readers to them, it might be helpful.

    Here is a commentary about Linux for the masses, which may be of interest in this context. The comments may not apply to Zonbu, however.

  3. Gregg says:

    Just came across a new review of the Zonbu Notebook on PCMag.com.


    “If you’re buying a laptop for the very first time and have heard horror stories about computer viruses, tech support nightmares, and onerous system maintenance, the Everex Zonbu Notebook provides a plan that will alleviate most if not all of these concerns. This machine is for customers who have basic office productivity and multimedia requirements. If you are testing out a new gadget every month, planning on installing new software, or are somewhat computer savvy, you’re better off spending a little more on a Windows PC or a Mac.”

  4. zgrav says:

    The novelty of the Zonbu is waning now that it is out of beta and competing with a number of other interesting linux variations in hardware designs and price points. Similarly, this blog was influential in helping may people learn about the Zonbu when it emerged as a new beta product, and its beta development was closely monitored and reported.

    There is a lot less to say about it today, as shown by the decreasing entries from Mr. Zonbu. Thanks to this site, I have learned a lot about the Zonbu over the last few months and know what I would like to see from it in the future. The short answer there, by the way, is to agree with Mr. Zonbu about the need for a better CPU, and I would like to see the VGA port changed to DVI. There should be enough demand to make those changes, or another flavor of the low power linux box will step up to the plate in its stead, probably running an Ubuntu distro.

    The market is going to have to sort out the winner.

  5. ignorati says:

    Mr. Zonbu:

    As someone who manages and ISP, what’s your take on the potential problem of bandwidth constraint, as it might affect Zonbu users and Zonbu’s business nodel?

  6. Wow, it’s been a month since your last post, Mr Zonbu.

    Everex has release a laptop with what seems to be identical specs as the Zonbu one at a $400 price point.

  7. ignorati says:

    I wonder how this “Icloud” development may affect Zonbu:

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