Desktop crash/reset issues…

Well that was annoying…

I was using my Zonbu earlier today when my desktop crashed.  I reboted and tried to login, and it go stuck post username/password but before showing the desktop.  That is to say, I had a white background and the circular “something is happening, please wait” icon but it never advanced.  I ended up having to power cycle the unit.  Oops.

When I rebooted it later, and logged in, Ihad the stock XFCE wall paper.  All my desktop icons were gone, however my taskbar was still functional.  Not knowing where to turn, I ended up using the “Reset to defaults” function on the menu, which did return my icons and thankfully – due to the online storage – my files were still available.

However, I lost all my bookmarks and my FF customizations.  That pissed me off.  The reset tool should offer the option to keep your bookmarks.  Thats valuable data.  Not to mention it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.  Overall I’m happy with my Zonbu but the stability and resiliency of the desktop settings need some work.

-Mr. Zonbu

One Response to Desktop crash/reset issues…

  1. Pelle says:

    You’re saying that the bookmarks isn’t saved online on Delicious or similar? That’s strange – I save all of my bookmarks online and I’ve got a laptop so I really haven’t got any great use for it (except when switching between Windows and Linux) – either you yourself if that’s possible or Zonbu should deliver the system with the Delicious extension or similar!

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