Strange input delay in Skype IM

Skype Logo[EDIT: This is interesting, I’ve had Skype open for more than an hour and now there is no visible delay between hitting enter and text appearing. If I get a chance, I’ll reboot and try again. I definitely had the delay on multiple occasions before.]

[EDIT 2: I rebooted – the delay is definitely back.]

I continue to attempt to use my Zonbu as my home desktop, and while it is far from perfect is this regard, it has promise…

My new USB KVM switch arrived today, making use considerably easier…

Now all I need to do is move the network cable back and forth, and if I felt like it I could put a little home router in and avoid even that.

All that being said, the XP box has gotten precious little attention lately.

Tonight I confirmed something a little strange that I noticed the other day when I was using Skype…


Being a Vonage VoIP customer, I generally only use Skype for IM, but since so many people have Skype now it is an important text IM platform.

What I noticed, and have since confirmed as being consistent, is that when I write a message and send it there is a perceptible delay before it appears on screen.

In fact, the delay appears to be as much as 1.5s – 2s between hitting enter and seeing the text in the conversation box.

This is not something I’ve experienced with Skype on other platforms/OSes. I’ll have to check the Ubuntu laptop at work tomorrow, but I don’t recall it doing this and Windows definitely doesn’t do this.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I am happy to report that Skype 1.4 otherwise seems to function really well on the Zonbu.

Skype Station

It is interesting to note that some readers may be interested in the Zonbu principally as a low cost/low power Skype station.

For anyone who relies on Skype as their principal home/long distance voice platform, I can see how this makes a lot of sense.

I have no idea if the fancy USB handsets and other goodies will work with the Zonbu, but perhaps a reader can share their experiences when the time comes.

I’ll continue to update you on Skype as I delve deeper in to the features.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to Strange input delay in Skype IM

  1. BLFER says:

    I’ve been reading about your use of the Zonbu. It seems to me that the Zonbu is under-powered for it’s original purpose.

    I would be interested in trying to use the Zonbu strictly as a Skype Telephone Server — Always ON and always available — to replace my in home telephone system (not my Cell Phone).

    Back of the envelope math indicates that the zonbu power consumption justifies buying it and trying this out.
    Unlimited Skype-In, Skype-Out runs about $7 per month.

    The average power bill for a computer (24-7) per month is around $10-15 per month @ .085 cents per KW/Hr.

    The Estimated Average power bill for a Zonbu (24-7) per month is around $.63 or about 63 cents per month.

    Makes sense to me!

    I have read Zonbu’s business model.

    I know that they want to use the subscription model to sell these things, but I agree with you that they need to go after different things to stay afloat.

    Why haven’t they concentrated on something like a Skype Home Server which allows you to use your existing in home telephone wires and system?

    Always ON and Always AVAILABLE!(?) Just Pick up the phone and make a call!

    Now that makes Sense (and cents!) to me!

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