The future of Flash memory

August 13, 2007

CNet LogoCNet has compiled a series of articles on the Flash Memory business, highly relevant to the Zonbu and it’s CF based business model.

Take a peek.

-Mr. Zonbu


Pout for me, Baby!

August 13, 2007

Zonbu MotherboardOur friend Dave J is quite a good photographer.

He spent a few hours with his beautiful new Zonbu yelling “Pout for me, baby! Pout for me!” (At least I think that’s what he said, my Dutch is kind of rusty…)

The results of his work can be seen on flickr.

-Mr. Zonbu

When readers become writers…

August 13, 2007

Dave J's Zonbu portsOne of our regulars, Dave Jansen, has started blogging about his experiences with his Zonbu.

At the moment he is in Europe, but he is on the move to South Korea later this month. His Zonbu is making the journey with him.

To read about his Zonbu, his experiences and his globe-trotting perspective, check out his blog:

-Mr. Zonbu

Throwing the Zonbu in the deep end…

August 13, 2007

Zonbu Beta LogoI’ve been conversing with Gregoire at Zonbu.

He agreed to send me a test unit to put in our lobby.

The unit is replacing a Windows XP machine that we had mildly locked down and that was used for public Internet access by random customers who pass through the lobby.

The timing is excellent, the machine arrived today and we had it installed and operational in minutes.

This includes the fact that the machine uses Wi-Fi for connectivity…

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