Philips launches embedded Rhapsody radios

Philips Streamium

The Rhapsody “all you can eat” subscription music service keeps going from strength to strength.

At CES this week Real Networks announced a partnership with Philips that will see the service emebedded in a number of new Internet enabled radio systems.

This is a bold move and it means you no longer need a PC active on your network in order to access your Rhapsody account. I’m seriously thinking about buying one, as I hate having to power my PC to enjoy my music via Rhapsody on my Roku Soundbridge. Dollar for dollar this may be the best option.

LAS VEGAS–Dutch electronics group Philips is forming an alliance with digital media company RealNetworks to offer online music using Philips’ music players, the two companies said Sunday.

Philips, which is redefining its consumer businesses as a broad “lifestyle” company, said it would start selling portable and home audio devices compatible with the Rhapsody subscription service early this year.

I’ve said for months that Zonbu needs something unique to differentiate it’s service from the other low cost offerings. At least in the US market, Rhapsody would be an ideal “network centric” partner and music is a key driver of technology adoption.

Of course if Zonbu don’t move quickly I expect you’ll see Asus and their EEE PC move to incorporate something like the Debian based Rhapsody client that was developed to the Nokia N800 series. Time is ticking.

You can read the full post on CNET here:

-Mr. Zonbu

More on the Streamium here:


4 Responses to Philips launches embedded Rhapsody radios

  1. ignorati says:

    That’s very interesting. If I read it correctly, one can use it as an internet radio even without a subscription, which would make it the least costly option I’ve seen for that. If so, and if it is not hard to use, I’d buy one or two just for that purpose alone. I might like Rhapsody too, but I’m not sure I’d want to pay that much just for it.

  2. mrzonbu says:

    Yes, I do believe you can use it just as a stand alone Internet radio player as well. I used my Roku SoundBridge for that for about a year. But I have to be honest, Rhapsody is a true killer app, once you try it Internet radio will pale…

    -Mr. Zonbu

  3. Bob Boerner says:

    You should check on the Squeezebox…

    This already does Rhapsody with needing a PC. I own one and use it in my office all the time along with a great service called Pandora. They just introduced new hardware too.

  4. Rafael D. says:

    Guys, google for “Ibiza Rhapsody” which has been doing this since a couple months ago and I’m seriously considering this option because, not only you are accessing Rhapsody without the PC through the integrated Wi-Fi functionality to the player, but you also can listen have the sound play wirelessly through Bluetooth A2DP (bluetooth sound in stereo to speakers or headphones). In other words, the most wireless experience there is, both streaming in the content and streaming out the sound simultaneously.

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