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Well it looks like more of the community building has started, although it can only be edited by Zonbu employees at the moment, perhaps that will change in the future:

We’ve launched a new documentation wiki, located here. It consolidates all of the pre-existing support pages, and also contains answers to many frequently asked questions.

Currently, only Zonbu staff members can edit pages. If you notice any errors or glaring omissions, please let us know in the Documentation forum. Similarly, if there’s anything you would like to add, such as a how-to guide to modify the OS in a certain way, feel free to post it in the forum and we’ll add it to the wiki.

-Mr. Zonbu


3 Responses to Documentation Wiki

  1. Joe says:

    I am trying to install XP from an external USB optical drive to an external USB HDD connected to Zonbu. I had no luck so far to get the CD-ROM booted. The F11 boot menu only brings up the CF standard drive. What do I need to do in order to install XP for the Zonbu on an external USB hdd and switch later between the CF Zonbu OX and XP on an external USB hdd?

    thanks for any help as I haven’t found detailed intructions on that within the new “documentation forum”…


  2. Dave says:

    Joe: Make sure you use either the front USB port, or the back one close to the VGA port. That should make it work.

    But, your XP installation disk might not recognize the CF card as a proper hard drive, so you’ll most likely run into problems there, too. I modified my CD to have USB support, that made it work.

    Anyway, good luck!

  3. This is correct. For the moment, we keep the lead on this wiki and we will perhaps open it later. It’s probably a little bit early to let anybody write to it. But if you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to send an email to

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