40+ Plug-ins for the Gimp

I recently came across an excellent list of plug-ins for the Gimp Photo Editor which is included with the Zonbu.

While not all of these make sense for the Zonbu, and some may not even run well on the lightweight hardware, others, like Red Eye correction are perfect for the target audience. Anything that puts the features at hand that a typical home user would be interested, should fit the Zonbu philosophy.

In that vein, I really miss the ability to right-click-and-resize-to-email feature I had in my Windows XP power toys. Should be an easy one I add I expect…

Hopefully some of these will make it in to the next Zonbu update: http://www.techzilo.com/gimp-plugins/

-Mr. Zonbu


5 Responses to 40+ Plug-ins for the Gimp

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Mr. Zonbu,

    It’s very nice to read through this interesting blog and find some useful resource. We are the original manufacture of Zonbu’s mini pc. Recently, we just have a new compact model announced and would like you to evaluate first and have some feedback for us. Can you please leave me your email address so that I can send more detailed information to you.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  2. Benoit says:

    Hi Mr. Zonbu,

    Your link’s got an extra “http://” that make it incorrect… Otherwise, nice one !

  3. mrzonbu says:

    Link fixed, thanks for catching that.

    -Mr. Zonbu

  4. Jaxon says:

    The Linux version of Google’s Picasa:


    does all the basic photo editing and also prepares selected photos for emailing by producing reduced sized .jpg files and loading them into a blank email form. Also gives you the ability to easily upload and update web albums.

  5. whootowl says:

    Zonbu targets Grandma with their computer offers, yet apps like Gimp are way too intimidating in complexity. The Zonbu OS does not segregate power-user apps from others. Grandma must have a simple photo-editor that offers not much more than a one-click “auto-correct” feature. Apps designed by uber-geeks for uber-geeks should remain on high-powered platforms. Whereas the Via platform lacks the computational horsepower anyway, Zonbu should focus on simple usability.

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