Reviews the Zonbu

ECN LogoECN Magazine, which bills itself as “The Information Center for Design Engineers”, has a brief review of the Zonbu on their site.

They took issue with a few things, including speed (which again, surprises me, as I find my unit quite snappy), as well as the pricing model.

They also feel the unit has a lot of potential and that with some hardware improvements and more software polish it could prove to be a viable option.

They praised the online store and said they feel the community/developer model has promise…

Interestingly, they see it as more of a corporate device than a home device.

You can read their review here:

-Mr. Zonbu

PS – Oh, and they also said “…we found that the best independent Zonbu site is the Mr. Zonbu blog…”. We’re flattered.


One Response to Reviews the Zonbu

  1. Dave says:

    Speed is relative.

    PS – Oh COME ON! Sure, congrats, your blog *is* in fact very good and informative, but is that reason enough to start talking in the ‘we’ form now? 🙂

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