More details on Zonbu OS Release 5.797

Zonbu Beta LogoAs noted by Gregoire of Zonbu, more detail has been posted on what is included in the latest release.

He also noted that Zonbu owners will need to reboot in order for the upgrade to be applied.

Here is the latest from their site:


Version 5.797 – released 2007-08-17

New feature

  • Kiosk Edition: Zonbu can be used as a secure publicly accessible Internet terminal.


  • Update icons theme.
  • Fix maximized windows which have now the right minimize icon.
  • Fix multiple problems and add new features in the updater mechanism.
  • Improve and fix video driver and mesa library.
  • Fix video configuration files to play mpeg2 videos.
  • Reduce the time before Flash is replaced by MPlayer on and other websites.
  • Improve printers UI.
  • Fix support for sleep mode.
  • Enable multiworkspace support.
  • Fix mplayerplug-in to support m4v extension.
  • Add acpid service.
  • Fix some problems in the default shortcuts.
  • Fix a dbus problem that caused the white screen bug.
  • Fix the international keyboard selector.
  • Add vncviewer.
  • Upgrade file system (FUSE).
  • Upgrade Skype to
  • Fix a bug in the online file system when + was used in the name of a file.
  • Fix a problem in Firefox default pref.js due to upgrade to
  • Launch updater after boot and not only daily.
  • Add an option to avoid preload of Firefox (~/.mozilla/firefox/zonbu_noautostart).
  • Improve monitor detection again.
  • Fix wireless connectivity problems, especially when connecting to a secured network.
  • Improve upload throttling optimization algorithms.
  • Support iPods formatted with iTunes 7.3.
  • Support iPods with EFI GUID partition layouts
  • Add automated data verification checks when downloading and uploading files to Zonbu Online Storage.
  • Fix a problem with Yahoo Video in Firefox.
  • Fix a bug in sound preferences.

Known bugs

  • Printing on a Windows shared network printer does not always work.
  • Support for proxy is still experimental.

If you have already received or installed the update, please let us know in the comments.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to More details on Zonbu OS Release 5.797

  1. Dave says:

    I’m curious how the upgrade goes into place with the developer edition. Do we have to manually patch each and every item, or can we download a package, recompile and reinstall the kernel or so?

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